Main areas of research and clinical activities are:

  • lung cancers;
  • urologic tumors (in particular cancer of the prostate, bladder and kidney);

    tumors of the head and neck (in particular of the oral cavity, larynx and oesophagus);
  • breast cancer and gastro-intestinal tract (including liver and pancreas);
  • blood tumors (in particular lymphomas, leukemias and myelomas);
  • new cancer drugs (in particular smart drugs and biological treatments);
  • tumors of the elderly (in particular lymphomas, breast, lung, stomach and colon-rectum, kidney, bladder and prostate, head and neck cancers);
  • virus-related tumors (in particular HIV, hepatitis viruses B and C, human papilloma viruses, Epstein Barr virus, etc.; therefore, treatment of liver cancer,  uterus, head and neck cancer);
  • cancer survivors: treatments assessment and side-effect. Future prospects in cancer prevention;
  • chronic fatigue (in particular chronic fatigue syndrome and other forms of fatigue related to depression, stress, cancer, etc.);
  • HIV (in particular antiretroviral therapy and treatment of virus-related tumors).
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